FAQ SafeGuard Enterprise Migration

FAQ SafeGuard Enterprise Migration2022-07-13T09:29:19+02:00

Sophos has announced the end-of-life for SafeGuard Enterprise File Encryption in July 2023. conpal LAN Crypt is the perfect alternative and offers seamless migration. conpal LAN Crypt has everything you need to protect your sensitive information – and migrating has never been easier. conpal GmbH offers customers a clear path forward, enabling continuity and sustainability. We have summarized the most important points for a switch here.

Why does it make sense for me to switch to conpal LAN Crypt in terms of effort and benefits?2021-10-21T09:47:51+02:00

Basically, when using SafeGuard Enterprise File Encryption, you have already thought about your content that needs protection, the affected areas in your organization that should be involved in a protection concept, as well as the type and access authorization for managing the content to be protected. Existing concepts with SafeGuard Enterprise can be further used or optimized with conpal LAN Crypt.
During the technical conversion (key management, use of user profiles etc.) we have tried to keep the effort on your side as low as possible. Anyway, conpal LAN Crypt is one of the easiest enterprise encryption solutions to integrate. A setup with LAN Crypt for an organization usually takes less than 60 minutes due to the possibility to use generic rules.

Who is conpal GmbH?2021-11-07T14:27:22+01:00

conpal GmbH is a leading independent provider of IT security solutions for the protection of confidential data through encryption and authentication. This protection covers all data, regardless of whether it is stored locally, mobile, in networks or in cloud environments. In the past, conpal GmbH has already successfully migrated numerous customers from Sophos encryption solutions to conpal LAN Crypt. The company, based in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, is characterized by the in-depth expert knowledge of its employees. Many years of experience in the approval and certification of security products combined with technological innovation make conpal GmbH one of the most respected IT security providers in Europe.

What is conpal LAN Crypt?2021-10-21T09:50:08+02:00

conpal LAN Crypt is the modern enterprise solution for client-side encryption of sensitive content. It allows the role-based assignment of keys to employees. These can be imported from directory services like Active Directory. It also allows for the creation of policies. On the Windows computer, the Mac computer, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, as well as terminal servers, employees can access encrypted files using a conpal LAN Crypt client. Whether on a network share, USB storage or local hard drive, data always remains encrypted. This protection also remains in place on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Sharepoint, OneDrive or Teams. Business and government organizations use conpal LAN Crypt to meet compliance requirements, secure departmental access to data, or prevent data loss and theft.

Which Sophos products does conpal LAN Crypt replace?2022-10-18T15:47:25+02:00

For users of SafeGuard File Encryption (for Windows and Mac), as well as for SafeGuard Data Exchange (DX) and Cloud Share (CS), conpal LAN Crypt is the perfect alternative for organizations looking for continutity. They can use conpal LAN Crypt to ensure the protection of their data on hard disks (“Data at Rest”) and also to ensure that sensitive data (“Data in Transit”) is transferred encrypted and stored securely on the target location. When exchanging files with contacts outside the organization, conpal LAN Crypt 2Go offers on-demand, password-based encryption. Keys generated this way can be imported into the main console and shared with team members throughout the organization.

How does the migration of Sophos SafeGuard work?2021-10-21T09:53:04+02:00
Do I have to decrypt all data for the migration?2021-10-19T14:08:41+02:00

No, a decryption of the files is not necessary. Access with conpal LAN Crypt to files encrypted with Sophos SafeGuard is seamless after importing the corresponding keys.

Do I have to create new keys for the migration?2021-10-19T14:09:11+02:00

No, the existing keys from Sophos SafeGuard can be exported and imported into conpal LAN Crypt for further use.

Can I run both Sophos SafeGuard and conpal LAN Crypt in parallel during the migration?2021-10-19T14:09:45+02:00

Yes, but only on different computers. During parallel operation the users of Sophos SafeGuard have access only to files, which were encrypted by other users with Sophos SafeGuard. They can no longer open files that have been encrypted or edited with conpal LAN Crypt. Vice versa, users of conpal LAN Crypt have access to files encrypted by Sophos SafeGuard users as well as to files encrypted with conpal LAN Crypt. (Precondition is that the keys have been migrated from Sophos SafeGuard to conpal LAN Crypt).

How do I export keys from Sophos SafeGuard?2021-10-19T14:10:24+02:00

Step 1
Make sure that you have access to your SafeGuard Management Center 8.3 with a (main) security officer.
If an older version is still in use, it must be updated (see
https://docs.sophos.com/esg/sgn/8-3/admin/en-us/esg/SafeGuard-Enterprise/concepts/UpdateSGNAbout.html )
Step 2
Exporting the steps is done with the KeyExporter tool, which can be provided by Sophos Support.
This tool creates a password secured encrypted keyfile on your local computer.

How do I import keys into conpal LAN Crypt?2024-02-26T15:46:12+01:00

Step 1
Install conpal LAN Crypt. For the import you need the current version.
The installation of the LAN Crypt Administration is described in the Admin Help chapter 2.
Step 2
Import your SGN keys into LAN Crypt with our import tool.
Select as source the keyfile and enter the generated password, as destination you only have to select your LAN Crypt database and a Master Security Officer.
After the import you can use your keys immediately.

How do I create rules to manage keys in conpal LAN Crypt?2021-10-19T14:11:40+02:00

See the conpal LAN Crypt Admin Help chapter 3.16 (see conpal LAN Crypt Version 4.00.1 – Admin Manual (german) [Link: https://docs.lancrypt.com/en/admin/lc_401_aheng.pdf]

Who do I have to contact if I want to change to conpal LAN Crypt?2021-10-21T09:54:14+02:00

Contact your conpal distribution partner for further details about the migration. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us directly. We offer the following contact options for this purpose:
– Filling out the registration form.
– Informal request at: SalesSupport@conpal.de
– Telephone number: +49 6102 75198-77
We will gladly support you with all available information and inform sales partners and distribution in case of any commercially relevant content, provided that you agree to this step.

What costs will I incur when switching to conpal LAN Crypt?2021-10-19T14:14:08+02:00

Together with our distribution partners we have put together a very attractive upgrade package for a possible change to conpal LAN Crypt. We have taken into account the fact that you have already (possibly recently) invested in an encryption solution. If you would like to know more, please contact the Sophos distributor from whom you purchased the SafeGuard Enterprise solution: They can also refer you to a distribution partner for more details on the transition. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly.

How will I be supported by conpal during a changeover?2021-10-20T16:43:36+02:00

We have initiated a number of measures to actively support you during a changeover.
– If you first want to get a technical overview of conpal LAN Crypt or discuss specific migration steps, we offer a telephone Q&A session. You can book this online.
– For easy migration of content encrypted with SafeGuard Enterprise it is possible to convert the keys from the Sophos environment to a conpal LAN Crypt environment using a key migration tool.
– Our Customer Service Team will support you with the conversion or creation of user profiles.

Can I test conpal LAN Crypt without obligation before I decide?2021-10-19T14:16:18+02:00

Of course you can test conpal LAN Crypt at any time without obligation. If you wish, we or a sales partner will accompany you during the evaluation of our product. Please contact us or your supplier.

I would like to clarify a few detailed questions. Who can I contact?2021-10-21T09:54:46+02:00

We look forward to hearing from you.
– If you have commercial questions, please contact: SalesSupport@conpal.de
– If you have technical questions about the migration from SafeGuard Enterprise to conpal LAN Crypt, please contact: Support@conpal.de.


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