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For strong authentication, two factors are required for the login process (in accordance with the “knowledge and possession” principle). conpal CerbalOn provides a strengthened, secure Windows logon for this secure two-factor authentication, working with smart cards or tokens that are used for logon on the Windows client.

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Overview conpal CerbalOn

  • Certificate-based smart card logon on the Windows client
  • Significant increase in security at logon thanks to two-factor authentication with smart cards or USB tokens
  • Protection of the Windows password from common password attacks
  • Windows passwords can no longer be passed on
  • Automated Windows password change
  • Convenient functionality for PIN SSO (PIN transfer)
  • Recovery and emergency procedures for cases where a PIN is forgotten or a smart card or token is forgotten or lost

Strong authentication

conpal CerbalOn provides a secure login environment for the use of smart cards and tokens as part of strong authentication. This enables highly secure and very convenient 2FA logon (with two-factor authentication) on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

conpal CerbalOn replaces the Windows logon password with a secure value generated on the smart card. Following successful verification of the PIN, the Windows logon is carried out in the background. This process rules out the possibility of a user passing on a Windows password and increases the level of password security. It also means that help desk costs can be significantly reduced. conpal CerbalOn supports smart cards relevant to the market, such as those issued by trust centers or used as ID in national eID projects and it works in conjunction with the common CMS systems.


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