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One of the challenges of implementing an identity and access management (IAM) system is rapid integration of legacy applications for end-to-end login in the identity management system. With certain (legacy) applications, it is not possible to integrate them into the login logic of an IAM system from a technical or organizational perspective or because of rights to the applications – or else it’s not worth it in terms of costs. conpal AuthomaticOn helps you to connect difficult-to-integrate applications and systems to an IAM.

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Overview conpal AuthomaticOn

  • Automatic login to applications and systems
  • SSO – secure transfer of login information to systems and (legacy) applications
  • Intelligent tools for mapping and description of login processes
  • Secure transfer of login information to different target systems – easy definition and enforcement of standardized, consistent password policies
  • Protections against unauthorized access and misuse by administrators
  • Support for strong authentication in conjunction with conpal CerbalOn

Further information

conpal AuthomaticOn is the Enterprise Single Sign-On solution that can easily and quickly be integrated into heterogeneous IT environments. conpal AuthomaticOn allows administrators to implement secure passwords for all applications. When implementing IAM systems, it establishes an ideal basis that allows “unmanaged applications” from an IAM perspective to be managed. It does not require any laborious modifications to applications and target systems.

The modular architecture allows you to individually implement even very special login processes. conpal AuthomaticOn can create complex passwords in the background and change them in a controlled manner according to specifications, thus supporting the most important authentication processes – passwords, smart cards and USB tokens.

Wizard features enable you to integrate login processes without additional programming work. Your data can be stored locally, centrally or on a smart card, or even generated on the fly. You can generally integrate conpal AuthomaticOn into other applications or platforms with just a few mouse clicks.


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