We support our partners with marketing our products and solutions, as well as integrating them into the particular customer environment. Our partner program is tailored according to the orientation of our partners. Moreover, we collaborate with leading technology providers in the enterprise environment to make our solutions future-proof in the long term.

conpal distribution partners

Are you a reseller with a focus on encryption, authentication, or identity and access management interested in adding to your solution in the areas of authentication or encryption? Are you looking for scalable solution approaches to extend the solutions you offer or expand your product portfolio? Then why not become a conpal distribution partner!

The focus of our program is supporting our distribution partners with the positioning of the product range and targeted support with the implementation of our products for the end customer. We also further our mutual success by means of coordinated marketing activities.

conpal integration partners

Do you have your own range of products or solutions and need technology components in the areas of authentication, encryption, or card and certificate management – to round out your customer solution or to expand your product portfolio? Then why not become a conpal integration partner!

The focus of our partnership is providing solution components in the specified areas on a license agreement basis or as customization development.

conpal innovation partners

Are you an innovative developer of technologies in the area of encryption or authentication? Then why not become a conpal innovation partner!

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