Our partners are an essential building block of our success. Together we develop new technologies, improve the integration of our products or ensure the worldwide availability of conpal LAN Crypt. We support our partners in marketing our products and solutions, as well as in the integration into the respective customer environment.


conpal sales partners

As part of our partner program, we cooperate with companies in several areas in the provision, implementation, and use of our products. An overview of the different partner types can be found here.

Through our partners we are present in a 2-tier sales model all over the world. Although the exact nature of the services and the role of the partners can vary greatly, the basic principle is as follows:

  • Distributors deliver our products and take care of the transaction.
  • Reselling partners (resellers, VARs, system integrators, implementation partners and others) consult end customers individually on how to meet the specific requirements of a project with the help of our products.

If you are looking for a suitable partner to implement your project with conpal LAN Crypt, you can:

  • ask your existing service providers and suppliers whether they list conpal GmbH products.
  • contact us directly. We will gladly assist you – with the support of the respective distributor – in finding a suitable partner.
  • contact our distributors. They will also help in the search for a suitable partner.

conpal technology partners

Together with our technology partners, we develop new technologies and optimize the interaction of our solutions. In this cooperation, we work to improve the security of our customers. See a list of our current technology partnerships here.

As a conpal technology partner, you optimize the interaction of our solutions together with us.

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We support you as a conpal sales partner in positioning the product range, in implementing our products at the end customer and through coordinated marketing activities.

Strong together as partners – because safety comes from cooperation.

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