The conpal MFA solution is powered by the technology of our partner inWebo. In France and throughout the world, more than 300 companies entrust their access and data security to inWebo. At conpal GmbH, we are convinced of the technical and economic performance that this MFA/2FA solution can bring to customers in Germany also. That’s why we market the product under our name, in association with inWebo. If you’d like to know more about the technology and who uses it, you can find additional information at

Iccon Sichere Identitäten


The insurance group Matmut, confronted with the Covid pandemic, implemented a strong authentication solution based on inWebo MFA on a large scale within a few days.

Access security and dynamic linking for the blockchain platform with inWebo MFA, the first blockchain platform dedicated to international trade, tasked inWebo with the secure authentication of transactions on various web portals.


Information system development requires strong SaaS authentication

As part of its digital transformation and moving its information system to the cloud and at the same time wanting to make it simpler for employees to connect to internal applications, CITEO recognized the inWebo MFA solution as being a key step in this process.

Securing the cloud also brought a pleasant surprise as regards user-friendliness and administration, for both administrators and end users.


Strong authentication is a key element in Groupama’s digital transformation.

With the virtualization of workstations and the expansion of teleworking, strong multi-factor authentication has fast become an indispensable element for Groupama. Using the MFA/2FA solution met all of the requirements in relation to security, at the same time offering a smooth user experience and fast, easy integration.


INA protects its audiovisual heritage and remote access using inWebo technology

The French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) stores an extensive audiovisual collection of three petabyte data volumes and delivers selected sequences to the TV news channels on request in less than 30 minutes. Preservation and the integrity of the communication are the current priorities within a teleworking framework extending to all professions. INA benefits from the increased security thanks to a strong authentication solution that is supplied in SaaS mode and provides a software token for the employee’s smartphone (iOS or Android).


Securing the WIZVI e-Health application

WIZVI from Doktorpocket is an application that links patients and doctors during the period of treatment. From the outset, the managers of WIZVI chose to use the inWebo solution to meet the access security legal obligations.

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