Each industry has its own particular challenges as regards secure authentication. We support the responsible parties when implementing a secure, easy-to-manage, productivity-optimized, digital operational environment. Discover the benefits of our MFA solution tailored to your sector.

Iccon Sichere Identitäten


Patient data and other health information is inherently highly sensitive. Find out how you can secure identities and access to information systems.

Financial services

Find out how you can comply with the PSD2 provisions without negatively impacting the customer experience using an easy-to-integrate solution.


Find out how you can secure all points of contact, facilitate the user experience and achieve higher conversion rates as a result.


Find out how you can meet the challenges of networked production by taking measures to ensure stronger protection of identities and of access to internal and external applications.


Protection and simplification of access for doctors and patients

Numerous companies in the health sector provide various applications for nursing staff and doctors, and in many cases, they are still using login/password combinations for authentication. Here, the implementation of a strong authentication solution is ideal, allowing the development of rules for the management of health data.

But how can the strict data security requirements be squared with the fewest possible restrictions on use for nursing staff and doctors?

conpal MFA enables secure access to health data for all healthcare staff, without any additional burden for the provider in terms of IT development or implementation. All accesses can be covered with a single strong authentication solution that also enables the provision of services for patients.

Financial services

Easy to implement PSD2, fast to implement and use

With the PSD2 directive, financial services companies find themselves confronted with the challenges of making their authentication solution standards-compliant. A strong authentication solution is required, in addition to the established login passwords and an OTP via SMS. The companies also have to upgrade their mobile applications and web portals if customers want to make transactions or transfers or add a bank account number, for example. This development not only involves tens of thousands of customers but also employees and partners of banking institutions.

How can you combine security with user-friendliness?

Thanks to device-less conpal MFA, financial services providers can set up a secure connection rapidly and without any device restrictions. The installation does not require an application. The high level of security is still guaranteed, regardless of whether the solution is used on a browser, smartphone or desktop. conpal MFA ensures PSD2 compatibility, which includes strong authentication for access to customer accounts and the protection of sensitive processes, including financial transactions.

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Access to business applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Azure AD and more

Numerous companies rely on platforms like Office 365, Google Workspace and Azure AD. They benefit from flexible, efficient access to applications, emails and shared files in the cloud. Such platforms are often business-critical. Therefore, simple login/password access protection is not secure enough for many companies.

How is it possible to add a security level with MFA without “losing” users who are used to entering a simple password to log in?

conpal MFA allows security administrators to make the authentication stronger, simplify login processes and at the same time increase access security. It offers the best possible protection against phishing, as the solution can check every URL that is accessed for legitimacy. If a user is diverted to a malicious website, conpal MFA blocks the connection attempt – and the attack fails


Strong 2FA/MFA authentication for the industrial sector

Network security in Industry 4.0 is becoming increasingly important in the context of the digitalization of services and working models. Those in charge are in constant contact with their partners in the value chain. Thus, customers, partners and suppliers expect a reliable and trustworthy base for access to this network.

The industrial sector is faced with a great number of critical challenges:

  • Digitalization of the production chain

Networked production sites are lucrative targets for cyberattacks. This is all the more relevant because large parts of the industry are still too ill-equipped to avoid these new risks.

  • Strategic and critical applications

The backbone of the business and a concentration of valuable data. These applications present a crucial main point of attack for cybercriminals, who gain access by means of phishing or identity theft.

  • The move to the cloud

The increasing use of cloud services and infrastructures also opens up new lines of attack; account spoofing enables access to critical sensitive data and information.

  • Employees/staff

Non-secure employee access to the company network is the easiest way for hackers to get to sensitive data.

How can companies from the manufacturing industry confront these threats by taking measures to ensure stronger protection of identities and of access to internal and external applications?

With conpal MFA, companies can integrate a flexible security level that unequivocally and securely authenticates the users. Providing options for various authentication mechanisms, from two-factor, two-step and browser authentication through to passwordless authentication using an OTP or integrated authentication in applications, the solution allows a choice of the most suitable access option for all the links in the value chain – for partners and customers too, even in external locations.