conpal CerbalOn Crypto Extension

conpal CerbalOn Crypto Extension can be integrated in specialist applications as well as standard applications like Windows Explorer. It gives you an easy way to encrypt and sign data from these applications. The plugin-based encryption and signature components eliminate interruptions to the work process. Right-click, select function – and done!

conpal CerbalOn Crypto Extension adds function modules for encryption and digital signature to application environments. This means that documents and files can be digitally signed, stored in encrypted form or archived in the course of processing.

The solution supports the use of smart cards for certificate-based signature and encryption processes and it enables certificate management. The range of functions of our signature solution also supports co-signatures, nested signatures and mixed signatures.

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Overview conpal CCE 

  • Encryption and digital signing of files

  • Verification of digital signatures

  • Certificate checking and certificate lifecycle management

  • Integration in standard applications or use of the supplied application


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