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Endpoint devices present a challenge for IT security and the IT organization, particularly in distributed organizations. A high degree of flexibility for the user on the one hand, and on the other a stable, resilient working environment from the IT operations perspective often create an area of conflict. conpal AccessOn helps to resolve these conflicting priorities.

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Overview conpal AccessOn

  • Application/port control
  • Control of interfaces, applications and external storage media on endpoint devices
  • Enforcement of standardized, consistent security policies for different endpoint devices and storage media
  • System security and stability: prevents unauthorized installation or execution of programs and thereby protects against malware
  • Import-export filter (blacklisting and whitelisting): protection against unauthorized import or export of data
  • Ultra-fine control over what data can be read and processed by which users using which applications
  • Protection against the unauthorized use of storage media

Further information

conpal AccessOn is a solution for resource control (interfaces, applications) on the Windows client. On endpoint devices, conpal AccessOn ensures controlled access to the client and to the company network and prevents the non-authorized installation and use of hard- and software. For controlled data import and export, organization-wide policies define the rights of individual users or user groups to use data, directories and applications. In addition, conpal AccessOn enables centralized management and control of all plug and play devices and it provides a remote enable function that allows rapid reactions to “ad hoc” adjustments in distributed environments.


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