conpal MFA is a flexible authentication service for secure login to portals, corporate networks, applications and much more. It simplifies and standardizes user login with the use of a secure software token.

Use of the authentication service is oriented to the working environment available to the user at that time, which could be a desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. The user is granted secure access and it is irrelevant whether they’re working from a typical office environment, remotely fromhome, or on the move. Thanks to this service-oriented concept, our authentication service can be made available anywhere.

The service adapts to the operational environment and does not place high demands on peripherals, middleware components etc., like alternative authentication methods. Having said that, conpal MFA can by all means be combined with these.

During authentication, a secure one-time password (OTP) that is unique and cannot be manipulated is created as part of a login process. Following a validation process, it is sent to the particular target system for login and is then accepted by this system. Generation of the OTP is triggered by entering a password or PIN or by using biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition) when unlocking a smartphone, and the OTP itself is the result of a highly-secure cryptographic process. It is computed based on user and device information and is only valid for a very short period, which prevents it from being manipulated.

Using the service is uncomplicated for the user. The self-service portal provided significantly reduces the effort that is typically required in terms of user services for authentication processes.