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We are pleased to introduce a new product that will make secure file sharing easier for businesses and home users. conpal LAN Crypt 2Go is our new solution for password-based encryption of files. It allows you to protect information in transit to customers, clients, service providers or partners. To decrypt, the recipient needs the password and a conpal LAN Crypt 2Go client, available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Or he decrypts the file via our web portal – without any installation.

Your speakers:

Udo Falkenrich | System Engineer

Günther Klix | Head of Sales

Michael Höppner | Head of Communications


Introduction conpal GmbH

Introduction conpal LAN Crypt

Overview: conpal LAN Crypt v4.1. new features

Presentation & demo: password-based encryption with conpal LAN Crypt 2Go


Your contact: Michael Höppner, Lead Marketing & Communication,

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