It’s an old IT security mantra that protection only works if it doesn’t hinder. Otherwise, employees will look for ways to actively circumvent the hindrance – and thus the protection. Ease of use is therefore a direct prerequisite for effective IT security. In our enterprise encryption solution conpal LAN Crypt, we’ve made it a priority-.

Our clients for mobile Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices are now upgraded with new usability features in the current v5.0.

Screenshot conpal LAN Crypt mobile D

Screenshot conpal LAN Crypt for mobile clients

  • It is now possible to subsequently display passwords that have already been assigned. This can be helpful, for example if the recipient has forgotten his password and asks for it again or needs to be shared with someone new.
  • The new online help now provides quick, clear information. At, it offers the German and English instructions not only for the clients for mobile Android, iOS and iPadOS end devices, but also for macOS as well as for conpal LAN Crypt 2Go and the conpal LAN Crypt 2Go Reader.

conpal LAN Crypt for iOS is compatible with versions 15 and up of iOS and iPadOS. Conpal LAN Crypt for Android is compatible with Android 10 and up. Both apps are available in the respective app stores.

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