Logo rts. GmbHHow an internationally operating German medium-sized company ensures the protection of its cloud data

The rts. GmbH was looking for a solution to protect its data through encryption. The main areas of application were the transfer via a cloud storage and the protection of sensitive data, including handling by external IT service providers. With conpal LAN Crypt, the company found the right solution, which does not impose any changes to their workflows for the employees.

Medium-sized businesses are avid users of technical innovation in global business. This requires special protection of intellectual property such as construction drawings or designs, both from within the company and from partners along the value chain. Here, the encryption of data in the cloud and on the company’s own servers plays a central role.

The rts. GmbH, a specialist in the production of castings with branches in Germany and China, acts as a system partner for procurement and development for customers from the automotive industry, medical, and conveyor technology, for example. To ensure the security of its data, until recently rts. GmbH had been using the encryption solution Boxcryptor. Then, at the end of 2022, the search for a replacement began. In the process, conpal LAN Crypt quickly made the short list.

As a long-standing supplier to numerous German manufacturers from a wide range of industries, rts. GmbH is closely involved in their development process. Together, the partners exchange confidential data such as construction drawings and designs. The contractual obligations therefore made it imperative for the Munich-based company to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data by means of a suitable solution. Above all, external IT service providers must not be able to view the data.

This need for protection applies to all parts of the company as well as to the branch office in China. Data is exchanged here using the cloud platform Nextcloud. An additional layer of protection needed to be added here, with client-side encryption, and key authority remaining with the company.

An additional requirement arose from the use of terminal servers. The encryption solution also needed to support this platform.

After a thorough research and discussions with the experts, conpal LAN Crypt was quickly shortlisted. Based on the results of a test installation, rts. GmbH then decided in favor of the Neu-Isenburg-based manufacturer’s solution. Thomas Schulte, managing partner of rts. GmbH: “conpal LAN Crypt offers a sophisticated system for encryption that excellently meets all our needs.”

Within a short period of time, Schulte’s team and conpal’s support team set up the new solution. Then they began to migrate the data encrypted with Boxcryptor step by step. The previously defined permissions and rules ensured that employees continued to have secure access to the data at all times during the entire phase. External users were also included in the process. To further increase security against unauthorized access, rts. GmbH increased security in highly sensitive areas by using the multi-factor authentication module conpal MFA.