Easy migration – Existing keys and definitions can continue to be used – No need to decrypt and re-encrypt data – Attractive offer to migrate to next-generation enterprise file encryption.

Sophos has notified users of its SafeGuard Enterprise encryption solution of its end-of-life in July 2023. For customers who want to continue using an enterprise encryption solution, conpal LAN Crypt offers seamless migration.

The solution from Neu-Isenburg-based conpal GmbH allows role- and rule-based encryption of files on the end device. It is available for Windows and Mac computers, iPhone and iPad as well as Android end devices. The migration can be performed using existing keys – existing data records do not have to be decrypted and re-encrypted. For this purpose, conpal GmbH offers a migration tool, technical support and a special migration offer.

Common technical basis for optimal compatibility

conpal LAN Crypt has its roots in Sophos technology. conpal LAN Crypt supports the same file format and encryption algorithms as SafeGuard Enterprise. It can process any file encrypted by SafeGuard Enterprise without re-encryption. Compatibility at the file level enables smooth migration. Both systems can be operated in parallel.

Uninterrupted operation

Encryption keys can be migrated easily, securely and reliably from SafeGuard Enterprise to conpal LAN Crypt. Encryption policies are also defined in a similar way. Administrators can continue to manage and deploy policies as usual. Users can continue to work as usual. This also applies to files that were encrypted with SafeGuard Enterprise, even if this was years ago.

Find further information at https://sgn-en.conpal.de. A step-by-step manual for migration is available in the Red Book “File encryption migration in five easy steps.