A short time ago we had extended our clients for mobile devices with the 2Go functionality, which allows to encrypt files password based if needed. This is used to securely transmit data to recipients outside the company: Provided with the appropriate password (which the participants have agreed on beforehand, preferably via another channel), a customer or partner can decrypt the file: To do this, they can use our web portal at www.conpal.de/en/2-Go or the free conpal LAN Crypt 2Go Reader, which is also available for download there.

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conpal LAN Crypt mobile

Manage passwords faster, easier and error-free with the “keyring”

Especially if you exchange files with several external recipients or send files to the same recipient regularly, the new “keyring” functionality is a great advantage. Used passwords are permanently stored in the user’s key ring on the device. This is independent of the sender or receiver. When LAN Crypt wants to open an encrypted file, it checks whether the required key is already contained in the key ring. If yes, the file can be decrypted and opened without any further action by the user.
If no, the user is prompted to enter the appropriate password. If the password is correct, the derived key is automatically added to the key ring.

The “keyring” saves time and prevents errors, especially when working in teams that collaborate across company boundaries. It is also conceivable to share a password for individual projects so that only project participants have access to the relevant data, even if the entire team uses shared cloud storage or another storage location.

This functionality can also be used by users who are not customers of the conpal LAN Crypt encryption solution and do not use centrally managed profiles. It thus provides simple basic protection for data with a low barrier to entry.

conpal LAN Crypt for Android and iOS V4.0 are compatible with iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and up as well as and Android 9 and up.

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Image: Thomas Breher on Pixabay