Protecting data on cloud platforms is a key issue for many companies. Now offering support for Google Drive, the macOS client of our enterprise encryption solution conpal LAN Crypt now helps to increase file security. With version 2.0, conpal LAN Crypt for macOS had already supported Microsoft’s cloud platform OneDrive. Likewise, the Windows and mobile clients for Android and iOS also already supported the popular cloud storage.

Manual decryption and control

In the latest version, the macOS client also offers improved user convenience and control. With a right-click, users can now check the encryption status of files and manually trigger decryption if necessary.

Harald Schütz, Corporate Product Manager of conpal GmbH: “Data security is weakened wherever popular platforms and tools are not supported, or where users have to take complicated detours to protect data. Our transparent enterprise encryption solution conpal LAN Crypt effectively avoids this. We continuously improve the usability of the clients, extend the functionality and integrate additional platforms. This helps strengthen enterprise IT security.”

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Image: Google, LLC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons