Boycryptor was acquired by Dropbox at the end of 2022. This means that Boxcryptor is no longer available for new customers from that moment onwards. For some existing customers, this means they will want to find an alternative for protecting their data in the cloud or on local storage – and quickly. That’s because unprotected data is a risk to a business in more ways than one.

  •               It makes the company’s intellectual property vulnerable to attack – think industrial espionage.
  •               It can be spied on by unauthorized internal parties, such as HR data during contract negotiations.
  •               It might lead the company into a breach of compliance regulations such as the DSGVO, TISAX® or others.
  •               It increases the cost of successful ransomware attacks because the attackers can threaten to publish the data.
What do organizations need to consider when looking for a replacement for Boxcryptor?

Typically, enterprises use Boxcryptor to protect data in the cloud or on local storage and to assign role-based access rights. But in addition to these functionalities, there are additional ones that are important for effective enterprise use:

1) Client-side encryption

When the corporate network is attacked, all data moving through it is affected. Even those that are transported from a workstation to a server-side encryption service. They can be intercepted in plain text. Only if the encryption happens directly on the client is the maximum protection provided.

2) Encryption based on roles

Encryption provides the best possible protection when it makes data accessible on a need-to-know basis. If each employee is given access only to the data they need to work, the damage is minimized even if that employee’s computer is hacked. It may serve as a gateway into the corporate network, but it can only reveal a fraction of the data in plain text due to a lack of cryptographic keys.

3) Integration into enterprise structures

For example, through hierarchical roles for security officers or the dual control principle when assigning access rights, the integration of directory services such as Active Directory or multi-factor authentication.

4) Runs on all platforms and end devices

An encryption solution that does not take effect on all end devices and platforms used is not a suitable protection. Otherwise, an attacker can simply look for an unprotected attack site to tap all the data there.

5) Is invisible to the user

It is an old mantra of IT security that protection only works if it does not hinder. Employees will otherwise look for ways to actively circumvent the obstruction – and thus the protection. The ideal encryption solution therefore works imperceptibly for the user in the background.

6) Integrates with the backup process

As mentioned, backups are a key protection against ransomware. An encryption solution that hinders or complicates this process is an inappropriate tool: it strengthens protection in one place, but weakens it in another.

Function overview – Boxcryptor vs conpal LAN Crypt

How does Boxcryptor compare to our conpal LAN Crypt? A short feature comparison covers the main points. You can also download a more detailed comparison on our page “The Alternative to Boxcryptor – Encryption with conpal LAN Crypt“.

conpal LAN Crypt Boxcryptor
Storage location Cloud Storage (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) Icon Check Icon Check
Storage location network drives Icon Check Icon Check
SharePoint storage Icon Half Check(1) Icon Half Check(1)
Storage location Teams Icon Half Check(1) Icon Half Check(1,2)
Enforcing centralized encryption policies Icon Check Icon Half Check(3)
Secure sharing with external parties Icon Check Icon Check
Key sovereignty remains with customer, even after license ends Icon Check Icon Half Check(4)

*1 via ‚Local Sync‘ folder
*2 restricted / only via Boxcryptor tab
*3 restricted / only in predefined locations
*4 requires timely manual export

We will be happy to answer your questions or show you in a short demo how you can continue to protect your data in the cloud. Please contact us for this purpose!

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Image: Pixabay