The security of your company and your IT is a critical factor for business success. Malware can cause costs or lead to business downtime: Ransomware attacks can necessitate large extortion payments. In addition, patent, design and development data are valuable assets as the “crown jewels” of the company, for which maximum security is essential.

Encryption is a central building block in any security concept. It protects data “at rest”, i.e. on a storage medium, as well as during transmission (“in transit”) – for example by mail, cloud platform or removable medium. As part of a zero-trust approach, it thus forms a further line of defense for the security of the company.


Legal Protection

Encryption also increases the security of a company beyond the protection of data: Numerous industry-oriented compliance regulations require the protection of data through encryption. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places high demands on the handling of sensitive data across sectors. It thus calls into question the use of US-based cloud offerings. Read here how encryption can help deal with the legal uncertainty surrounding the use of cloud services in light of the ECJ’s Schrems II ruling.

Protection from the consequences of ransomware attacks

The threat of ransomware is one of the most solid arguments for encrypting data. Averting an attack requires an overall approach to security based on best practices. In the event of a successful attack, the right encryption solution can help mitigate the consequences – and the costs. Read more about what precautions you can take against ransomware attacks here.

Versschlüselung im Einsatz in der Versicherungsbranche

Malware protection

Malicious software can enter the corporate network in many ways. In some cases, malicious attempts are made to smuggle it into the company via spear phishing, for example. Removable media can also be used to introduce infected files. Encryption can help protect computers from file attachments to emails or removable media that contain malware.

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