Keep your data secure in the cloud with conpal LAN Crypt

In many companies, cloud platforms are used to improve team collaboration, share data or use tools and applications. Keeping data secure is often a challenge in this process. Both the GDPR and industry-specific compliance requirements must be observed. In addition, data leaks are a threat: as recently as August 2021, Microsoft had to warn about “ChaosDB”, a serious security vulnerability in its cloud services. The corporate data of thousands of Azure customers was affected.

Symbolic Cloud DataEncrypt cloud data – on any endpoint and under your own control.

To protect data in the cloud, encryption is essential. Unlike in the ChaosDB case, this protection must not be entrusted to the cloud provider, but must take place within the company itself – and on all platforms used by employees, be they Windows or Mac workstations or mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones or tablets. This is the only way to ensure that data is protected end-to-end.

This “client-side” encryption allows the enterprise to keep the associated keys under control. This contrasts with other protection concepts, such as server-side encryption using service-managed keys or using self-provided keys in the BYOK (“bring your own key”) approach. These two alternative approaches entail that not only the cloud provider receives the data in plain text, but that it must also be protected in transit.Icon Encryption

Sensitive information in particular, such as personal, financial, development and research data, is exposed to a risk here that should concern not only data protection officers and compliance officers in the company. But the alternative – not using the cloud, which often goes hand in hand with not using mobile devices heavily dependent on cloud infrastructures – is often not an option.

The remedy here is a client-side encryption solution such as conpal LAN Crypt. Since the beginning of the year, we have also been enabling the protection of data on Microsoft cloud platforms such as SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams through updates and extensions to our suite. Whether on mobile devices or workstations – you and your team can exchange, edit and store data with conpal LAN Crypt without the threat of plain text data leaks from the cloud provider.

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