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  • Resource control
  • Authentication
  • Secure identities


conpal LAN Crypt

Management of confidential data is becoming increasingly agile and so this data is being moved on all kinds of target systems. To keep this data confidential, all of the movements must involve protection of the data. This can be achieved only if there is persistent end-to-end encryption, as offered by conpal LAN Crypt.

Encrypted data and directories on endpoint devices, and servers transparently in the background

User and group-based encryption at file level – easy to implement and quick to distribute

End-to-end protection regardless of storage location thanks to persistent data encryption

Protection of data in transit

Secure login X.509 certificate, support of smart card-based sign-on processes

Recovery and emergency procedures for cases where a smart card or a token is forgotten or lost

Easy and central policy management using data from existing directory or domain structures

Clear separation of roles between system administrators and security administrators

conpal LAN Crypt can encrypt files or directory contents for secure storage or for confidential transport, regardless of the target system (local hard disk, external storage device, network share etc.). To protect confidential files effectively, the solution uses an automatic file encryption process. A user is authorized to access the encrypted data by assigning their profile to a unique key group. The sensitive data is encrypted for an authorized user transparently and invisibly in the background. Non-authorized persons see only a scrambled, illegible set of characters.


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