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Strong Authentication

conpal CerbalOn

Certificate-based login to Windows

A strong authentication uses two factors (using the principle of knowledge and possession) for the login-process. conpal CerbalOn provides a secure log-on using smartcards and tokens for windows clients.

Significant increase of the security of the logon with a two-factor authentication with smart card or USB token

Protects the windows password against common password attacks

Windows passwords can not be shared anymore

Automated change of windows passwords

Convenience functionality for PIN-SSO (PIN-transfer)

Recover- und emergency-procedures for forgotten PIN, forgotten or lost smartcard or forgotten or lost token

conpal CerbalOn provides this important security application to smart card users. It ensures comfortable logon to the Microsoft Windows operating system. In doing so, conpal CerbalOn replaces the Windows logon password with a secure value generated by an operation in the smart card so that a user no longer needs the Windows password. Whereas a user previously had to remember two passwords for the smartcard and Windows logon, he can now do without the Windows password. With conpal CerbalOn, companies noticeably increase their security level with a two-factor authentication of smart card and PIN. The passing on of the Windows password by the user is excluded. At the same time, help desk costs are noticeably reduced because forgotten passwords - caused by complex password rules and forced, regular password changes - are a thing of the past with conpal CerbalOn.


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