• Encryption
  • Resource control
  • Authentication
  • Secure identities


conpal CerbalOn Crypto Extension (CCE)

With the plugin-based encryption and signature components of conpal CerbalOn Crypto Extension (CCE), encrypted or signed files can quickly be generated from a complex specialist application without interrupting the work process, and this is easy to implement. Right-click, select function – done!

Encryption and digital signing of files

Verification of digital signatures

Certificate verification and management of lifecycle of certificates

Recovery and emergency procedures for cases where a PIN is forgotten or a smart card or token is forgotten or lost

conpal CerbalOn Crypto Extension adds encryption and digital signature function modules to application environments. This means that documents and files can be digitally signed and stored or archived in encrypted form in the course of processing. The solution supports the use of smart cards for certificate-based signature and encryption processes and also provides certificate management functionality in this context. The range of functions of our signature solution also supports co-signatures, nested signatures and mixed signatures.

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