• Encryption
  • Resource control
  • Authentication
  • Secure identities

The radar screen is our trademark. It represents the consistent focus on customer needs and technological development demonstrated by our range of solutions.

Our products and the carefully chosen solutions of our partners are easy to implement and work reliably.


conpal is a manufacturer and provider of solutions in the field of IT security with a focus on encryption, endpoint security, authentication and secure identities. We are based in Germany, Neu-Isenburg close to Frankfurt.

We develop our own products and, complementing our product portfolio, we also offer standard software solutions and technologies from carefully selected partner companies.

By continuously analyzing market and technology developments, we can make sure that our portfolio offers a sustainable mixture of future-proof technologies combined with practically oriented implementation of market requirements.

Our solutions are consistently geared to the needs of customer environments, they are easy to implement and they are robust in their operation.


conpal was formed in 2008 by former employees of Utimaco Safeware AG as a technology spin-off. From the relationship with Utimaco Safeware AG and in subsequent developments with Sophos Ltd., a technology partnership was established that continues to this day. In the course of this partnership, multiple rights and sources from various products and technologies were transferred to conpal.

From these, conpal developed a source-in model, which supports fast transfer of code from different sources and enables fast porting and further development of the starting base, and added needs-based innovations.

conpal has continued to develop their method, which involves the fusion of proven technology with innovative approaches.