How to test the conpal LAN Crypt mobile Apps for iOS and Android

You are already using conpal LAN Crypt?

To give the conpal LAN Crypt app a test run, all you need do is download a few encrypted files and the matching keys below. If your company’s already a conpal LAN Crypt user, you can use your own policy & key files in the mobile app. Once imported, you have access to your encrypted documents on your mobile device.

You do not run a conpal LAN Crypt installation?

You’d like to test the conpal LAN Crypt app independently from an existing conpal LAN Crypt environment?

No problem! For this scenario, we’re providing a demo package, which contains all the files vnecessary for the tests: a key, a policy and a collection of encrypted as well as unencrypted documents of different file types. Configure your app within a few minutes and get ready for first tests. An existing installation of a conpal LAN Crypt system is not required.

Install the mobile app and then download these files to your mobile device.

The conpal LAN Crypt mobile apps are now available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Important: The encrypted files included in the demo kit cannot be used on systems with an active conpal LAN Crypt installation due to incompatible keys. It is therefore recommended to only use either data from a productive environment or only data from the demo package for testing the app. Mixed operation is not recommended.

Would you like to know more about conpal LAN Crypt?

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Additional information on the desktop- and mobile clients for conpal LAN Crypt.