Users of the multi-factor authentication solution conpal MFA can now secure both on-premises legacy apps and Azure AD cloud apps in a consistent manner. The new “SmartLogin for Azure AD” feature, provided by our technology partner inWebo, supports the sAMAccountName and User Principal Name (UPN) login attributes for any unique user in parallel. Thus, when migrating to Azure AD cloud apps, a security administrator does not need to create a second MFA project. End users can conveniently and easily use their existing conpal MFA account to access Azure AD cloud apps in addition to their existing legacy applications. In doing so, users can use the same desktop, browser or mobile token, with which conpal MFA enables secure and user-friendly authentication without requiring additional endpoints or tokens.

A step towards identity management with SmartLogin for Azure AD

As many companies are migrating from Active Directory to Azure AD Cloud, they face the task of incorporating both modern cloud-based credentials and traditional credentials for authentication. Thanks to the new conpal MFA feature, you can easily migrate to Microsoft’s cloud and secure identities without having to rethink your entire MFA strategy, saving time and money.

One single MFA solution for a smooth transition to the Azure AD Cloud.

Take advantage of a multifactor authentication (MFA) solution that lets you easily secure both your on-premises legacy apps and your Azure AD cloud apps without having to set up two separate MFA users. By using both login attributes (sAMAccountName and UPN), an end user has two separate login attributes. Alternatively, one or the other can be used depending on the application asking for authentication.

Easily manage multiple login attributes for a single user.

SmartLogin for Azure AD is now available to all customers via the OIDC Azure AD Connector by simply enabling the appropriate option in the Connector for the IT admin to add the user’s data to the IWDS (“inWebo Directory Sync”).

conpal MFA is our modern, flexible and user-friendly MFA solution. It is

  • as-a-service – flexible, fast and cost-effective
  • deviceless – without the need for smartcards, hardware tokens or cell phones
  • passwordless – without cumbersome, hard-to-remember passwords

and thus offers an unbeatable combination of flexibility, universality and ease of use. Its patented random dynamic key technology also allows for a world-class level of security.

If you want to learn more, please contact us. We would be happy to demonstrate conpal MFA in action and talk to you about backgrounds and fields of application.

Picture by Pete Linforth on Pixabay