Customers of conpal LAN Crypt now benefit from the combined security of our encryption solution and YubiKey security keys. Thanks to our integration partnership with the global leading authentication provider YubiCo, the two products work seamlessly and with minimal setup effort, allowing users to use multi-factor authentication for conpal LAN Crypt.

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The YubiKey is a hardware authentication device, comparable to a small safe, that stores credentials securely and independently of any computer. The YubiKey comes in a variety of form factors, from keychain tokens to the smallest variants that barely protrude once plugged into the USB port. It does not require a battery or additional software to be installed on the host device. Many organizations worldwide use YubiKey to provide a secure login for their employees.

YubiKey is also easy to use with conpal LAN Crypt. For the user, the solution could not be simpler: Simply insert the token and conpal LAN Crypt automatically recognizes the key. After entering the correct PIN, the user has access and can access all his files protected with conpal LAN Crypt.

Ralf Engers, Managing Partner of conpal GmbH: “YubiKeys are a secure, effective way to improve data protection. YubiCo is a valuable partner that has contributed to the development of open authentication standards such as FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) and FIDO 2. Contributions like this to an ecosystem that allows powerful solutions to protect infrastructure and data are a cornerstone of security. We especially value this partnership for that reason, if nothing else.”

The step-by-step manual for using YubiKey with conpal LAN Crypt is available here.

For guidance on the setup, please see our implementation guide „Confidentiality and Data Protection in YubiKey Token“.

conpal in the Yubico partner program.

Image: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay